Thursday, March 21, 2013

Japan adoption timeline

I've had a lot of requests for additional information through e-mail, our Facebook adoption page, and friends on the timeline of our adoption from Japan.  I thought that I would start off with a post about our general timeline of the adoption.  Keep in mind, the age of the child and special needs that you are open to can dramatically effect the timeline that I'm posting below.  This is just an idea of what we did and how quickly (or slowly) it went. Enjoy!

November 2010 - International Social Services of Japan (ISSJ) sent information on what was needed to adopt through their program ISSJ English Website

February 2011 - We chose Catholic Social Services based out of Anchorage, Alaska to conduct our home study and be our licensed "child placing" agency as required by ISSJ.

April 2011 - Homestudy was completed and mailed to ISSJ

July 2011- ISSJ contacted Catholic Social with a few additional questions

September 2011 - Approved as pre-adoptive parents for Japan.  Also received our I600A approval from US.  Ensured that all passports were still valid and ready for travel.

October 2011- A picture was sent to us as a potential match

November 2011 - Everything was approved for our match and we could move forward with travel plans. A picture book (that I made on Shutterfly) was mailed to the orphanage (Children's Home) in Japan so that they could introduce our son to our picture prior to our first meeting.

January 2012 - Travel and spend three weeks in Japan.

February 2012 - BRING OUR SON HOME!

April - August 2012 - We had three post placement visits from Catholic Social.

September 2012 - Finalized the adoption in Alaska!

So that is a quick snapshot!


AFEcoMom said...

Thank you for posting your timeline, it is so helpful and encouraging! I looked back at your single 2012 post about going from a email that stated it would be nearly impossible but yet they didn't say no, then to flying out to pick up your son! I would love to hear more about what went on in the middle and how you beat the odds! We would love to adopt from Japan (my husband is half Japanese and my MIL born/raised in Japan). We would love an older child, similar in age to your son. Are they more option to Americans when you're willing to consider an older child? We also have two children already (biological) but having kids at home didn't seem to stop you though I hear it is often an issue? Thank you for the inspiration and any info you can share. My email should be available via my blogger profile if you're willing to contact me.